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Richard B. Anselme served as a corporal in the 393rd Bombardment Squadron.  He was the assistant engineer/scanner of the B-29 Full House, which served as a weather reconnaissance plane on the Hiroshima bombing mission, and the backup strike plane on Iwo Jima on the Nagasaki mission.

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Sir Rudolf Peierls (1907-1995) was a German-born British physicist. In March 1940, Peierls and fellow collegue Otto Frisch co-authored the Frisch-Peierls memorandum, the first technical exposition of a practical atomic weapon.

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Jack Aeby graduated Mound City (MO) High School in 1941. He went to the University of Nebraska, studying chemistry until the spring of 1943 when he received his draft notice.

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Coullard worked in the United States Engineer District Office.