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The Atomic Heritage Foundation no longer responds to inquiries. However, questions about the Atomic Heritage Foundation Collections can be sent to To learn more about locating documents relating to the Manhattan Project, please see our FAQs, which includes information about how to find personnel records for veterans. If you need assistance with the EEOICPA government program, please see this list of organizations and consultants who can provide guidance and help.  

For students and teachers seeking to speak with experts on nuclear history, we recommend the following organizations: Bulletin of the Atomic ScientistsFederation of American ScientistsLos Alamos Historical SocietyOak Ridge Heritage and Preservation Association, and the B Reactor Museum Association.

Thank you for your understanding. Although we cannot respond to inquiries, we are committed to maintaining our websites for students, scholars, and the public. To support our efforts to keep our websites online and updated we have established a partnership with the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History. Please consider becoming an Atomic History Patron or donating to this organization to support our efforts to keep this online resource available. To help the Atomic Heritage Foundation directly and to help expand the Ranger in Your Pocket project, we welcome your donations here

Additionally, you can follow the Atomic Heritage Foundation on Facebook at Atomic Heritage Foundation and on Twitter @AtomicHeritage.