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Wednesday, November 16, 2022
  • American Museum of Science and Energy
    • The American Museum of Science and Energy (AMSE) is a science museum in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, that educates the public about energy, especially nuclear energy, and the important role Oak Ridge played in the Manhattan Project.
  • The Atomic Archive
    • This website has an amazing array of resources and gives access to a lot of nuclear related media all in one place, but beware! They are very bad at siting their sources and you may not be able to properly give credit or be able to obtain permissions to use something that you find on this website.
  • B Reactor Museum Association
    • The B Reactor Museum Association (BRMA) was organized in 1991 as a non-profit corporation in Richland, Washington. Its primary mission is to preserve the world’s first industrial-scale nuclear reactor, the B Reactor at the Hanford Nuclear Site, as a public-access museum.
  • Bradbury Science Museum
    • The museum of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Approximately 40 interactive exhibits trace the history of the WWII Manhattan Project, highlight the Laboratory’s current and historic research projects related to defense and technology, and focus on Laboratory research related to national and international economic, environmental, political, and social concerns.
  • Department of Energy: The Manhattan Project
    • The Department of Energy traces its origins to World War II and the Manhattan Project effort to build the first atomic bomb. As the direct descendent of the Manhattan Engineer District, the organization set up by the Army Corps of Engineers to develop and build the bomb, the Department continues to own and manage the Federal properties at most of the major Manhattan Project sites, including Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Hanford, Washington; and Los Alamos, New Mexico.
  • Los Alamos History Blog from the LAHS
    • The history of Los Alamos, provided by the Los Alamos Historical Society.
  • Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog
    • Restricted Data is a blog about nuclear secrecy, past and present, run by Alex Wellerstein, an historian of science at the American Institute of Physics.
  • The Hanford Reach Museum
    • The REACH is a gateway to the Hanford Reach National Monument, including the last free-flowing stretch of the Columbia River, celebrating the natural, scientific, and cultural history of Eastern Washington through programs and exhibitions that encourage curiosity and inquiry.
  • The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History
    • The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the nation’s only congressionally chartered museum in its field and an intriguing place to learn the story of the Atomic Age, from early research of nuclear development through today’s peaceful uses of nuclear technology.
    • The Nuclear Museum’s PastPerfect Online Collections Catalogue
      • This online catalogue of the Nuclear Museum’s collection is about a quarter of the Museum’s full collection, but gives access to a wide variety of historically significant objects related to the development of nuclear technology and culture from the late 19th century through the present day.
  • Voices of the Manhattan Project
    • “Voices of the Manhattan Project” was a joint project by the Atomic Heritage Foundation and the Los Alamos Historical Society to create a public archive of our oral history collections of Manhattan Project veterans and their families. The Los Alamos Historical Society is no longer involved and the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History now acts as the steward of this site.
  • Why They Called It the Manhattan Project
    • The New York Times reviews the Atomic Heritage Foundation’s anthology, “The Manhattan Project,” and explores the history behind the name of the top-secret project. [Paywall]