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Sergeant Abe Spitzer was a radio operator who witnessed both the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He served as the radio operator for The Great Artiste, which served as the blast measurement instrumentation aircraft during the Hiroshima bomb mission. He was the radio operator on Bockscar, which dropped the Fat Man bomb on Nagaski.

Abe Spitzer's ID Card

Sergeant Abe Spitzer

Crew of the Bockscar Airplane

Abe Spitzer's Air Force Radio Operator School Diploma

Bockscar Airplane

Abe Spitzer at the 509th headquarters on Tinian

Air Force Radio Operator School Diploma for Abe Spitzer

Great Artiste and crew

Group photo with Abe Spitzer

Eglin Field ration card for Abe Spitzer

Abe Spitzer with Great Artiste

Abe Spitzer on Tinian

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