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Arthur M. Ross was born in Revere, MA. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During the Manhattan Project, he served in the Special Engineer Detachment at Oak Ridge, TN at the X-10 Graphite Reactor. 

According to his Separation Qualification Record, Ross “supervised and directed the work of 6 people in sampling radioactive material and the repair of sampling equipment. Did research work on the preparation of radioactive tracers by chemical methods. Prepared carrier-free radioisotopes, and carried out experimental work on chemical contamination of same. Did special radiochemical analyses as required.”

Ross passed away at age 38 from pancreatic cancer.

Arthur Ross's certificate from the War Department for his Manhattan Project work

Arthur Ross's Enlisted Report and Record of Separation from the US Army

Arthur Ross's Separation Qualification Record

Arthur Ross's Honorable Discharge certificate

Letter from President Harry Truman

Arthur Ross's education record

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