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Augustus B. Kinzel

Metallurgical EngineerLos Alamos, NM

EngineerManhattan Project VeteranScientist

Augustus “Gus” Kinzel was an American metallurgical engineer.

He graduated at age eighteen from Columbia College, and earned a PhD in metallurgical engineering from the University of Nancy in France. He worked for Union Carbide and Carbon, eventually becoming the vice president for research. He served as chief consultant in metallurgy on the Manhattan Project. After retiring from Union Carbide, he served as president of the Salk Institute of Biological Science. He was also made founding president of the National Academy of Engineering.

Augustus B. Kinzel's Timeline
1900 Jul 26th Born in New York City.
1919 Received A.B. in mathematics from Columbia University.
1921 Received B.S. in engineering from MIT.
1926 Joined Union Carbide and Carbon as a research metallurgist.
Became chief metallurgist for Union Carbide.
1933 Received Sc.D from the University of Nancy in France.
19431945 Served as chief consultant in metallurgy for the Manhattan Project.
1955 Became vice-president for research of Union Carbide.
1987 Oct 23rd Passed away.

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