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Bernice Vickio was a nurse at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Santa Fe and at Los Alamos Hospital from September 1944 to April 1946. Vickio was promoted to nurse supervisor of the maternity ward in March 1945. She and her husband Michael Vickio left Los Alamos for upstate New York in April 1946. Vickio went on to receive a B.S. degree in nursing from Syracuse University in 1969.  

Bernice C. Vickio's Timeline
1912 Feb 27th Born in upstate New York
1944 Sep1946 Apr Worked at Los Alamos hospital
1946 Moved with her husband to upstate New York
1969 Graduated with a B.S. degree in nursing from Syracuse University
2009 Aug 14th Died in Columbia, South Carolina

Vickio poses with a car at Los Alamos

Bernice Vickio and her husband in Santa Fe

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