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Bryant H. Barrett

Electrician Oak Ridge, TN

Los Alamos, NM
Manhattan Project Veteran

Bryant was born Aug. 23, 1903 on a farm in Simms, TX, one of seven children. He attended Jacksonville Baptist College. After completing a correspondence course in electrical engineering, he established an electrical contracting company. The scarcity of copper wire during the war forced a closure of his company and caused him to follow government jobs for employment. He followed jobs to Dallas, Waco, the Panama Canal Zone, Kansas City and Freeport, TX before moving to Kingston, TN where he lived while working at Oak Ridge. About half of the 1000 inhabitants of Kingston were Oak Ridge workers and their families. Bryant recalled an instance where he saw his daughter working at a gaseous diffusion console, but they could not acknowledge one another due to the Manhattan Project's intense secrecy. He finished his time at Oak Ridge in August 1946, and moved away to Oklahoma. 

Bryant H. Barrett's Timeline
1903 Aug 23rd Born in Simms, Texas
19441946 Joined Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge, working as a contracted electrician with A.S. Schulan Electric Company.

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