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C. H. Peden

Project StaffHanford, WA

Manhattan Project VeteranProject Worker/Staff

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Peer de Silva

Los Alamos, NM

Peer de Silva (1917-1978) was an American Army officer and a station chief for the CIA. De Silva was born in San Francisco.

Gioacchino Failla

Chicago, IL

Gioacchino Failla was an Italian-American physicist who served as a consultant at the University of Chicago’s Metallurgical Laboratory (“Met Lab”) during the Manhattan Project.

Isabel Torres

Los Alamos, NM

Isabel Torres worked at the Los Alamos laboratory during and after the Manhattan Project. She commuted from the neighboring community of Santa Cruz, first by truck, then by bus.

Theodore Armido

Los Alamos, NM

Theodore Armido was a staff member at Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project.