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Casimer J. Borkowski

Group LeaderX-10 Graphite Reactor

Chicago, IL
Manhattan Project VeteranProject Worker/Staff
The X-10 Graphite Reactor at Oak Ridge

Casimer J. Borkowski was the group leader of the Instruments and Physical Measurements Group for Clinton Laboratories at the X-10 Reactor.

Prior to being transferred to Oak Ridge on September 13, 1943, he worked as a junior chemist in Section C-I at the University of Chicago’s Metallurgical Laboratory (“Met Lab”) for a month. Borkowski earned his B.S. in chemistry from the University of Chicago in 1940. Before working at the Met Lab, he was employed at The Best Foods, Inc. in Chicago, IL (Seaborg, p.113-115).

For more information about Borkowski and personnel at the Met Lab, please see the following reference:

Casimer J. Borkowski's Timeline
1940 Graduated from the University of Chicago with a B.S. in chemistry.
1943 Aug 2nd Joined the Met Lab.
1943 Sep 13th Transferred to Oak Ridge.

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