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Charles Levy was a first lieutenant in the 393rd Bombardment Squadron of the 509th Composite Group. He trained in Wendover, Utah, before leaving for Tinian Island. He served as a bombadier in the original crew of the Bockscar. Levy participated in the mission to drop the second atomic bomb. He flew in the Great Artiste, rather than Bockscar, because a complication with the flight equipment caused Colonel Tibbets to switch the crews of each plane. The Great Artiste provided instrument support during the flight to Nagasaki. 

After the war, Levy retired from the military and entered the insurance business. He later came to own an antiques shop. Charles Levy died on Novermember 14, 1997 in Philadelphia.


Charles Levy's Timeline
1970 Jan Born.
1945 Aug 9th Flew to Nagasaki in the Great Artiste.
1997 Nov 14th Died in Philadelphia, PA.

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