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Charles Yulish is an American nuclear expert.

Yulish has devoted his career to nuclear and environmental science. From an early age, Yulish fell in love with nuclear energy and set up a lab that received radioisotopes from the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)—who did not initially realize their samples were being sent to a high school student and his classroom lab. He later became an intern with the AEC. He served as vice-president of the U.S. Enrichment Company. Over the course of his long career, he worked for various companies on nuclear and public relations issues. He also worked as a consultant for the Mescalero Apache tribe on nuclear waste storage issues.

Charles Yulish's Timeline
1959 Received BS from Kent State University.
19611963 Served as Special Projects Officer at the Atomic Energy Commission.
1963 Received MPA from Syracuse University.
19631966 Served as the Public Affairs Manager at the Atomic Industrial Forum.
19661984 Served as President and CEO of Charles Yulish Associates, Inc.
19841988 Served as executive vice president of Wesley, Brown, and Bartle.
19881992 Served as vice chairman of Holt Russ and Yulish.
19931995 Served as executive vice president of E. Bruce Harrison and Company.
19952005 Served as vice president for internal communications at USEC.
2005 Retired.

Charles Yulish in high school

Charles Yulish with his high school science teacher

Letter from the AEC to Charles Yulish

One of Yulish's radioisotope uptake leaf studies

A 1955 Popular Mechanics article about Yulish and his high school nuclear club

Award notification to Yulish from the Future Scientists of America Foundation

Atomic Energy Commission Special Act or Service Certificate awarded to Yulish in 1962 

Yulish and others presenting President Lyndon Johnson with the "Swords into Plowshares Award" in 1968

Various photographs and other memorabilia of Yulish

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