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Conrad W. Rohde

PrivateLos Alamos, NM

Manhattan Project VeteranMilitary PoliceMilitary Veteran

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George T. Fike

Los Alamos, NM

George Tom Fike was a corporal in charge of recreation at Los Alamos. As part of the Army Recreation Department, he also operated the radio station at Los Alamos with Bob Porton.

W. N. Doggett

Y-12 Plant

W. N. Doggett worked for the Tennessee Eastman Corporation at the Y-12 Plant.

Walter A. McKnight

Tinian Island

Walter A. McKnight served in the 1027th Air Material Squadron. 

Janice E. Kingslow

Chicago, IL

Janice E. Kingslow was a laboratory technician in the Health Division of the University of Chicago’s Metallurgical Laboratory (“Met Lab”) during the Manhattan Project.