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Darrell Dvorak’s father-in-law, Colonel Clifford John Heflin, worked for the Manhattan Project. Dvorak became interested in Heflin’s life following his passing and has published several papers on Heflin’s war work. Col. Heflin organized the top-secret unit known as the “Carpetbaggers”, commanding their missions dropping supplies and arms to the resistance movement, and landing behind enemy lines. Based on the strength of his work with the Carpetbaggers, Col. Heflin was selected as the Commanding Officer of Wendover Air Base, overseeing the management of the base as well as the ordnance and ballistics work. Dvorak discusses the relationship between Col. Heflin and Col. Tibbets and the military hierarchy at Wendover. Dvorak has also uncovered more information about Heflin’s important Manhattan Project work and has elaborated on why Heflin’s important role in the Manhattan Project has been overlooked for so long. 

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