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David P. Rudolph

Technician 3rd GradeLos Alamos, NM

Manhattan Project VeteranMilitary VeteranProvisional Engineer Detachment

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E. W. Seckendorff

Oak Ridge, TN

Seckendorff worked for Stone and Webster Engineering Corporation.

Frank J. Fortine

Tinian Island

Frank J. Fortine served in the Special Engineering Detachment and Project Alberta, the group that transported the first atomic bombs to Tinian Island.

John J. Flaherty

Oak Ridge, TN

Flaherty worked in the United States Engineer District Office.

Jacob Beser

Hiroshima Mission

Jacob Beser served as a 1st lieutenant in the 393rd Bombardment Squadron’s Radar Section. He was the radar specialist aboard the Enola Gay bombing mission to Hiroshima and on Bockscar during the Nagasaki mission.