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Doris Zifferer

Provisional Engineer DetachmentLos Alamos, NM

Manhattan Project VeteranMilitary VeteranProvisional Engineer Detachment

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W. C. Crye

Y-12 Plant

W. C. Crye worked for the Tennessee Eastman Corporation at the Y-12 Plant.

R. Lopard

Oak Ridge, TN

R. Lopard worked for the Roane-Anderson Company.

Frank V. Laska

T-Plant/200 Areas

Laska worked in the 200 East Area at Hanford during the Manhattan Project.

Melvin A. Miller

Chicago, IL

Melvin A. Miller was a draftsman at the University of Chicago Met Lab. In 1946, he sketched two famous drawings of Chicago Pile-1 based on the descriptions of scientists who were present when it went critical.