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Elizabeth Curtis grew up in Haynes, AR, and was the youngest of nine children. In 1934, she married Swep T. Davis, who served in the US Army Corps of Engineers. She moved with Swep to Oak Ridge during the Manhattan Project. Their daughter, Claire, grew up in Oak Ridge, and their son, Swep T. Davis, Jr., was born there during the Manhattan Project. She and her family returned from Oak Ridge in 1948 to reside in Newton, MS and move to Hattiesburg, MS in 1962.

Davis passed away at the age of 101 on April 5, 2016.

Swep Davis with  his wife, Elizabeth, and their daughter Claire in Panama, June 21, 1943

Claire Davis with pet dogs in Oak Ridge

Claire Davis and her friend, Ann Reeves

Claire Davis and her brother, Swep T. Davis, Jr.

Oak Ridge Journal article on Swep Davis, p. 1

Oak Ridge Journal article on Swep Davis, p. 2. April 19, 1945.

Elizabeth Davis in Panama, c. 1940-44

Elizabeth Davis

Swep and Elizabeth Davis in Hattiesburg, c. 1960s

Swep and Elizabeth Davis

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