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Everett McGhan

Project StaffHanford, WA

Manhattan Project VeteranProject Worker/Staff

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Otto Hillig

Chicago, IL

Otto Hillig was a Danish machinist who helped work on various projects in the early days of the Manhattan Project.

Henry Linschitz

Tinian Island

Henry Linschitz worked in Project Alberta, which transported and assembled the Little Boy and Fat Man atomic bombs.

D. S. Wilkinson

T-Plant/200 Areas

Wilkinson worked at the 200 West Area at Hanford during the Manhattan Project. 

Ardes Shea

Hanford, WA

Ardes Shea (née Memmott) worked in a DuPont office at Hanford, WA during the Manhattan Project. Ardes was born in Scipio, Utah in December of 1922.