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Fay Cunningham joined the Manhattan Project in 1944 as a metallurgical engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as part of the Special Engineer Detachment. Cunningham and his team of engineers helped to develop a mechanized process for producing crucibles that were used in the reduction of uranium and plutonium.

After the war, Cunningham served as a radiation monitor for the nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll during Operation Crossroads. His job was to survey the radiological damage on navy ships that were positioned around the epicenter of the nuclear explosion. After Operation Crossroads, Cunningham returned to Michigan State and completed his degree in chemical engineering.

Fay Cunningham's Timeline
1922 Jul 26th Born in Lansing, Michigan.
19441945 Conducted metallurgical research for the Manhattan Engineering District at MIT.
1946 Worked as a radiation surveyor during Operation Crossroads at Bikini Atoll.
2018 Nov 9th Died in Littleton, Colorado at the age of 96.

Machine for Uranium and Plutonium at Los Alamos

Fay Cunningham ID Card

Fay Cunningham MED Certificate

Radiology Safety Section

1944 University of Maryland ASTP Class

Operation Crossroads Staff ID Card

MIT Contingent en route to Bikini Island

Letter of commendation for the Radiological Safety Section from Stafford L. Warren

Letter of commendation for the Chief of the Radiological Safety Section for work done during Operation Crossroads from Stafford L. Warren

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