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Freeman Dyson is an esteemed mathematician and theoretical physicist at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study. He has made significant contributions to quantum electrodynamics, solid-state physics, astronomy, and nuclear engineering.

During World War II, Dyson worked at England’s Bomber Command, tracking the position of bomber forces. He later worked with Manhattan Project veterans Hans Bethe, Richard Feynman, and Robert R. Wilson at Cornell University.

Freeman Dyson's Timeline
1923 Dec 15th Born in Berkshire, England.
1943 Jul 25th1945 Worked for the Operational Research Section of Royal Air Force's Bomber Command in England.
19461949 Served as a Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge.
19471948 Served as a Fellow at Cornell University.
1951 Became a physics professor at Cornell University.
1953 Received a permanent position at the Institute for Advanced Study.
1993 Received the Fermi Award.

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