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G. R. Bloomstrand

Project StaffHanford, WA

Manhattan Project VeteranProject Worker/Staff

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Sara Gamble

Oak Ridge, TN

Gamble worked in the United States Engineer District Office.

G. Robert Gunther-Mohr

Washington, DC

G. Robert Gunther-Mohr joined the Manhattan Project in 1944. Mohr worked on the top secret polonium trigger being developed for the plutonium bomb at the Monsanto Chemical Company in Dayton, Ohio.

Paris A. Howard

Los Alamos, NM

Paris Howard was a member of the Special Engineering Detachment (SED) assigned to Los Alamos from May 1945 to April 1946.

Gillen T. Nicely

Hiroshima Mission

Gillen T. Nicely served as a sergeant in the 393rd Bombardment Squadron. He was the tail gunner on the Straight Flush during the Hiroshima mission.