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G. Robert Gunther-Mohr

PhysicistWashington, DC

Dayton, OH
Manhattan Project Veteran

G. Robert Gunther-Mohr joined the Manhattan Project in 1944. Mohr worked on the top secret polonium trigger being developed for the plutonium bomb at the Monsanto Chemical Company in Dayton, Ohio.

After the war, Mohr joined IBM, where he worked on semiconducters. He later became manager of applied physics and engineering at the Watson Research Lab in Yorktown, NY and eventually joined the Components Division, where he became assistant to the president.


G. Robert Gunther-Mohr's Timeline
1922 Jun 8th Born in Montclair, NJ.
1944 Received B.S. in Physics from Yale University.
1944 Joined the Manhattan Project at Monsanto Chemical Company in Dayton, OH.
1953 Received Ph.D. in Physics from Columbia University under Prof. Charles Townes.
19531984 Joined IBM at the Watson Research Laboratory in Yorktown, NY.
2014 Mar 13th Died in Princeton, NJ.

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