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G. William Morgan

Health PhysicistOak Ridge, TN

Manhattan Project VeteranPostwar Nuclear ProgramScientist
The K-25 Plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

G. William Morgan was an American health physicist.

During World War II, Morgan worked on the Manhattan Project as part of the Health Physics Division at the Oak Ridge. He later went on to join the Atomic Energy Commission, where his work was instrumental in establishing 10 CFR 20, the Standards for Protection Against Radiation. Morgan also helped establish the AEC Health Physics Fellowship Program for students.

Morgan was also a charter Member of Health Physics Society, which was established in 1955. When he died in 1984, he bequeathed a fund to the Health Physics Society, which has been used to establish the G. William Morgan Lecture series.

For more on the G. William Morgan Lecture Series, click here.

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