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Glenna N. Kost

Supply and Receiving Assistant - WACLos Alamos, NM

Manhattan Project VeteranMilitary Veteran
Front gate to the Los Alamos compound

Glenna Kost was a member of the Women's Auxillary Corps (WAC) and worked with supply and receiving at Los Alamos. Kost joined the Women's Army Auxillary Corps on March 22, 1943, in Oklahoma City. After basic training, she was stationed at Camp Campbell, Kentucky. She was ordered to Santa Fe, New Mexico on April 4th, and believed she would be sent overseas, but instead was assigned to Los Alamos. Her work primarily included logging messages from suppliers and ensuring their proper distribution.

Kost offered this story as part of her experience at Los Alamos: "As a part of the WAC, I was a private first class and while my friends were all non-coms, I was not allowed to be a member of the NCO club. We devised a way to get me in the club. I would tell the guard at the door that I needed to use the latrine. Of course, he would let me in or the girls would open a window and I would climb through. When I was promoted, I had to join the club and it wasn't nearly as much fun.” 

Kost married her husband in Los Alamos in June 1945, and the couple retired in Montana following the war. 

Information Contributed by Glenna Kost

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