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Hugh C. Ferguson was a member of the 393rd Bombardment Squadron of the 509th Composite Group and retired with the rank of second lietuenant. He trained in Wendover, Utah with the 509th Composite Group, before leaving for Tinian Island, where he served as the co-pilot of Bockscar.

On August 9, 1945, he took part in the mission to drop the second atomic bomb. He flew in the Great Artiste, rather than Bockscar, because a complication with the flight equipment caused Colonel Tibbets to switch the crews of each plane. The Great Artiste was the instrument support plane during the flight to Nagasaki. Ferguson died on July 17, 2006 in Southfield, Michigan. 

Hugh C. Ferguson's Timeline
1923 Sep 18th Born in Highland, Michigan.
1945 Aug 9th Participated in the bombing of Nagasaki aboard the Great Artiste.
2006 Jul 17th Died in Southfield, Michigan.

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