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Jack Howard Smith was an American physicist.

Smith was a Ph.D. student under Hans Bethe at Cornell University when Bethe was tapped by J. Robert Oppenheimer to lead the T (theoretical) Division at Los Alamos. Smith was one of several students Bethe asked to accompany him there. During his time at Los Alamos, Smith was able to witness the Trinity nuclear test, which he described as a “magnificent spectacle.”

He later returned to Los Alamos in 1949 to conduct research on diffusion equations. After performing critical research for the development of nuclear submarines, he spent much of the rest of his career teaching physics at the State University of New York at Albany. 
Jack Howard Smith's Timeline
1921 Born.
1943 Left the Ph.D. program at Cornell with his mentor Hans Bethe to begin work at Los Alamos.
1949 Returned to Los Alamos to perform research on diffusion equations.
1951 Received a Ph.D. from Cornell University.
2005 Apr 12th Died in Schenectady, NY.

Jack Howard Smith Trinity Letter

Jack Howard Smith Los Alamos Contract

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