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Jack P. Pierard

Communications & Office Services ClerkHanford, WA

Manhattan Project Veteran
Jack Pierard and his wife in Hanford

Jack Pierard was a communications clerk in the Hanford Engineering Works from January 1944 through the end of the war. Pierard started at Hanford on January 11, 1944 as a Communications and Office Services clerk. His wife and sons joined him at the Hanford Construction Camp on July 17, 1944 and lived in the huge trailer park.  As the construction phase wound down, he transferred to the plant’s operations. The family then moved to a new “A” house in Richland Village on December 1, 1944. 

Pierard performed a variety of tasks in Office Services, including managing the suggestions system, and he had risen to a key supervisory position when he passed away at the age of 59 on January 2, 1965. He was an active member of the Hanford community, leading War Bond drives and fundraisers for numerous civic organizations. 

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