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Joanna McClelland Glass is a playwright best known for her play, Trying, based on her relationship with Francis Biddle, who was the United States Attorney General under FDR and chief judge at the Nuremberg Trials. Glass worked for Biddle in 1967 up until his death in 1968. Glass is the author of two novels, one of which, Women Wanted, was turned into a film. 

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C. Galm

Washington, DC

C. Galm worked for the Roane-Anderson Company.

Jennet Conant

Manhattan, NY

Jennet Conant is a bestselling American author and journalist. She is the granddaughter of Manhattan Project administrator James B.

Gilbert Church

Hanford, WA

Gilbert P. Church was a civil engineer and Project Manager at the Hanford site during the Manhattan Project.

John A. Derry

Washington, DC

Major John A. Derry was a  top military assistant, mainly working in Washington D.C., during the Manhattan Project.