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Joe A. Coffey

PrivateLos Alamos, NM

Manhattan Project VeteranMilitary PoliceMilitary Veteran

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Douglas Paul Meigs

Philadelphia, PA

Douglas Meigs was a civilian chemical engineer working for H. K. Ferguson, the company that built and operated the S-50 Thermal Diffusion facility at Oak Ridge.

W.C. Schissler

T-Plant/200 Areas

Schissler worked at the 200 West Area at Hanford during the Manhattan Project.

L. M. Genung

Oak Ridge, TN

L. M. Genung worked for the Roane-Anderson Company.

Ralph Nobles

Los Alamos, NM

Ralph Nobles was one of three brothers to work on the Manhattan Project. He and his brother William worked at Los Alamos, while brother Robert was at the University of Chicago’s Metallurgical Laboratory.