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John L. Brill

Security GuardChicago, IL

Manhattan Project Veteran
Chicago Pile-1

John Brill was a guard at the Metallurgical Laboratory in Chicago during the Manhattan Project.

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G. V. Atkinson

Research & Development/300 Area

Atkinson worked at the 300 Area at Hanford during the Manhattan Project.

James E. Galbreath

Tinian Island

James E. Galbreath served in the 390th Air Service Group.

Stanley Simon

Tinian Island

Stanley Simon served in the First Ordnance Squadron.

Ardes Shea

Hanford, WA

Ardes Shea (née Memmott) worked in a DuPont office at Hanford, WA during the Manhattan Project. Ardes was born in Scipio, Utah in December of 1922.