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John W. Goff

Special Engineer DetachmentLos Alamos, NM

Manhattan Project VeteranMilitary VeteranSpecial Engineer Detachment

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J. E. Berenski

Oak Ridge, TN

Berenski worked in the United States Engineer District.

Ovila J. Duquette

Tinian Island

Ovila J. Duquette served in the 320th Troop Carrier Squadron. 

Richard S. Claassen

Columbia University

Richard Claassen was a research assistant at the SAM Lab at Columbia University from 1944 to 1946. While there, he built and used fluidic systems to test for unusual leaks in diffuser tubes.

W. Muldrew

Research & Development/300 Area

Muldrew worked in the 300 Area at Hanford during the Manhattan Project.