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Joseph F. Gorman worked in mail and records for the Manhattan Engineer District, first in Syracuse, NY in 1936, then New York City. Later, when the Manhattan Project’s headquarters were moved to Oak Ridge, Tennessee in 1943, he served as head of the Mail and Records Department there. His career spanned the entire history of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). 


After the War

Mr. Gorman retired in 1974 as Chief of Records Administration for the Atomic Energy Commission. After WWII, he continued to work in the records management department of the AEC. He worked with the AEC until his retirement in 1974. He passed away on Dec. 5, 2002 at the age of 85. 

Joseph Gorman's Timeline
1917 Born in Binghamton, NY.
1936 Began his military service with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
1943 Relocated to Oak Ridge, TN, as the Head of Mail and Records Department.
2002 Dec 5th Passed away in Leesburg, VA, at the age of 85.

Chief of Records Management at the Atomic Energy Commission (c. 1966)

List of Names for Afternoon Class File Training Course 2, Oak Ridge

Afternoon Class File Training Course, Oak Ridge

MED Routing Slip, 1946

List of Names for Morning Class File Training Course, Oak Ridge

Morning Class File Training Course, Oak Ridge

Moving Office from NYC to Oak Ridge (1)

Moving Office from NYC to Oak Ridge (2)

Moving Office from NYC to Oak Ridge (3)

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