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Julius Sirota

ChemistColumbia University

Manhattan Project VeteranMilitary VeteranScientist
Julius Sirota in the lab at Truax Field, Wisconsin

Julius Sirota was an Americah chemist. He worked for the Substitute Alloy Materials on the Manhattan Project at Columbia University.

Julius Sirota's Timeline
1939 Jun Graduated from Tilden High School with science honors.
1942 Dec Received BS in chemistry from City College in New York.
1943 Jan Inducted into the Army and sent to boot camp in Florida.
1943 May Worked in the Medical Corps as a lab technician in Truax Field, Madison, WI.
1943 Sep Began working on the Manhattan Project at Columbia University in the SAM Lab.
1943 Sep Discharged from the Army.
1948 Jun Received MS in Chemistry from the Polytechnic Institute Of Brooklyn.
1992 Feb 2nd Passed away.

Julius Sirota

Julius Sirota

Julius Sirota in the lab

Julius's brother Ted, who saw service as a rear gunner in Navy Avenger sub hunter during WWII

Manhattan Project pin

Photo of Julius Sirota in book on the SAM Lab

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