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Matias A. Zamora is a retired attorney and judge, and a U.S. Army veteran. He worked as a server at Fuller Lodge at Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project.

Zamora was born on April 14, 1927 in Mora, New Mexico. He was hired to work as a server at Fuller Lodge during the summer of 1943. Drafted before he finished high school, Zamora trained as a paratrooper for a potential invasion of Japan. After World War II ended, he served in military intelligence in occupied West Germany.

Attending college on the GI Bill, Zamora received his B.A. from New Mexico Highlands University in 1951. He earned a J.D. from Georgetown University in 1955. Zamora has since had a long and distinguished career as a trial attorney and judge in New Mexico.

In 2016, Zamora was awarded his high school diploma, 71 years after he left New Mexico for the Army.

Matias A. Zamora's Timeline
1927 Apr 14th Born in Mora, New Mexico.
1943 Worked as a server at Fuller Lodge during the Manhattan Project.
1945 Drafted into the U.S. Army.
1951 Received a B.A. from New Mexico Highlands University.
1955 Received a J.D. from Georgetown University.
19651966 Served as a district judge in New Mexico's Fourth Judicial District.

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