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Melvin L. Dietrich

Electrician & Welding Crew ForemanK-25 Plant

Oak Ridge, TN
Manhattan Project Veteran

Melvin L. Dietrich worked as a welder and electrician in a number of facilities across the Oak Ridge, Tennessee facility. In 1944-45, he was employed by Comstock & Bryant Electrical Company and Edenfield Electrical Company as a foreman over crews of welders. Dietrich worked incredibly long hours, often 12 to 14 hour days during the week and 8 hour days on the weekends, to complete the hurried construction of the K-25 gaseous diffusion plant. As with most of the Manhattan Project, Dietrich was told to maintain a strict secrecy with all of his work. 

Melvin L. Dietrich's Timeline
1944 Sep Began work for the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge, TN
1945 Jul Moved to Ohio following service
1951 Worked in Savannah River Project for DuPont Company. This site is critical to tritium production, a key element of hydrogen bombs.

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