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Mitsugi Moriguchi

Author, Teacher, HibakushaJapan


Mitsugi Moriguchi, born in Nagasaki, Japan, is a hibakusha (atomic bomb survivor). He was nine years old when the US dropped the “Fat Man” bomb on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. He is a retired schoolteacher and still spends time speaking in classrooms and at conferences.

As a member of the Nagasaki Testimonial Society, Moriguchi collects the stories of other hibakusha. His work with other members of the Nagasaki Testimonial Society culminated in the publication of the book, Voices of the A-Bomb Survivors: Nagasaki, in 2009. In 2018, he visited Hanford Site, where the plutonium for the Fat Man bomb was produced. He is the first hibakusha to visit the site.

To view a 2019 interview with Moriguchi, conducted by the Atomic Heritage Foundation, please click here.

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