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Neil Davis

Special Engineer DetachmentLos Alamos, NM

Manhattan Project VeteranMilitary VeteranSpecial Engineer Detachment

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E. E. Dustin

Hanford, WA

W. P. Perry

Oak Ridge, TN

W. P. Perry worked for the Union Carbide & Carbon Corporation.

Francis McHale

Hanford, WA

Francis McHale was a security and safety man, a civilian, with the Corps of Engineers. He came to Hanford from the Pennsylvania Ordnance Works to set up fire and safety and police protection for the Manhattan Engineer District.

Nannilee Saunders

Los Alamos, NM

Nannilee Saunders set up the elementary at Los Alamos, NM, during the Manhattan Project. She began to work at Los Alamos in August 1943, working for 11 months while on a leave of absence from a college in Chicago.