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Pat Sherr

LibrarianLos Alamos, NM

Princeton, NJ
Spouse to Manhattan Project Worker

Rita “Pat” Sherr (1916-1997) was an American librarian.

Pat Sherr was married to Los Alamos physicist Rubby Sherr, and lived with him in Los Alamos. After the war, the couple moved to Princeton, NJ, where Pat worked as a librarian at the School of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study. 

Between their time together at Los Alamos and Princeton, Pat and Kitty Oppenheimer became close friends. 
Pat Sherr's Timeline
1916 May 22nd Born.
19441945 Lived at Los Alamos.
1946 Moved to Princeton to work for the Institute of Advanced Study.
1997 Aug 26th Died in Princeton, NJ.

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