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Raymond P. Biel served as a second lieutenant in the 393rd Bombardment Squadron. He was the co-pilot of the B-29 Full House, which served as a weather reconnaissance plane on the Hiroshima bombing mission, and the backup strike plane on Iwo Jima on the Nagasaki mission.

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G. W. Moorehouse

University of California, Berkeley

G. W. Moorehouse worked for the Tennessee Eastman Corporation at the Y-12 Plant.

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Fred Atkinson worked for the H. E. Anning Company.

William Karush

Chicago, IL

William Karush (1917-1997) was an American mathematician and physicist. After earning his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1942, Karush worked briefly at the Carnegie Institution of Washington before returning to Chicago to join the Manhattan Project.

B.T. Rogers

Hanford, WA

1945 Lt. Col. Rogers was the Deputy Area Engineer Lt. Col. B. T. Rogers, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Chief of Construction and Deputy Area Engineer at Hanford Engineer Works, was mentioned by Colonel Nichols in a list of people that he wanted to specifically mention among his staff on the Manhattan Project in a press […]