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Raymond S. Miller worked on the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos and Oak Ridge. 

He was sent to Los Alamos in December 1943. In November 1944 he inhaled cadmium fumes; upon recovery, he was sent to Oak Ridge in April 1944.  He was discharged as a Tec 3 Analytical Chemist, Special Engineering Detachment in Feb 1946.

Information submitted by his daughter, Nadine.

Raymond S. Miller's Timeline
1941 Graduated from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario Canada, with degrees in Chemistry/Physics.
1941 Registered for draft.
1941 Worked for Eastman Kodak in solvent recovery.
1942 Inducted into the Army. Began basic training and tech school at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.
1943 Jul Sent to Virginia Poly Tech for Advanced Electrical Engineering.
1943 Nov Interviewed by unnamed Army officer & civilian (future President of Brown University Don Hornig).
1943 Dec Ordered to Camp Claybourne, LA where he joined 14 others under secret orders. Private train to New Mexico where he joined the analytical chemistry group
1944 Nov Inhaled cadmium fumes; in hospital for extended period, health checks followed.
1945 Apr Sent to Oak Ridge Hospital. Released and went to work at Clinton Labs, X-10 project. Assigned to assist Army Engineering officer compiling tech reports to be sent to General Groves.
1945 Jul 21st Married Isabelle Christine Miller, Hamilton, Ontario Canada.
1946 Feb Discharged as a Tech 3, dhemical analyst for Eastman Kodak.

War Department found Raymond Miller to be qualified for Manhattan Project work

Letter to the Clinton Engineer Works the day after the bombing of Hiroshima from Robert Patterson

Letter by J. Robert Oppenheimer acknowledging Raymond Miller's chemical work in the Manhattan Project

Letter by Norman Nachtrieb recommending Raymond Miller and certifying that he worked on the Manhattan Project

Raymond Miller's Separation Qualification Record from the Army

Raymond Miller's Separation Qualification Record from the Army (Page 2)

Letter from Raymond Miller to his father about orders to report

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