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Raymond Schwartz grew up in West Allis, WI. After graduating from high school, he worked as an apprentice machinist for Allis Chalmers Corporation, until enlisting in the Army in February 1943.

He served in the military as a member of the Special Engineer Detachment at Los Alamos, NM, during the Manhattan Project. There he met his first wife, Catherine. They both received a letter from J. Robert Oppenheimer thanking them for their contributions to the war effort. Schwartz was discharged from the military in 1946, and enlisted in the US Reserve the next day. He remained at Los Alamos as a civilian glassblower until October 1946.

After the war, Schwartz pursued a career in electronics in the Air Force, and was stationed around the country. He rose to the rank of Chief Master Sergeant. After retiring from the Air Force,  he worked for the ITT Federal Electric Corporation at Vandenberg AFB for twenty years, retiring as a Senior Engineer in January 1986.

Raymond Schwartz's Timeline
1923 Nov 21st Born in Milwaukee, WI.
1942 Jan Graduated from West Allis High School.
1942 Jan1943 Feb Worked as an apprentice machinist at Allis Chalmers Corporation.
1943 Feb Enlisted in the US Army.
1944 Aug Joined the Special Engineer Detachment at Los Alamos, NM.
1944 Aug1946 Oct Worked on the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos.
1946 Mar Discharged from the US Army and enlisted in the US Reserve.
1966 Retired from the Air Force.
19681988 Worked for the ITT Federal Electric Corporation at Vandenberg AFB.
2016 Apr 25th Passed away in California.

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