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Robert R. Hayes served in the 320th Troop Carrier Squadron. 

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C. F. Roderick

K-25 Plant

C. F. Roderick worked for the Kellex Corporation at the K-25 Plant.

George I. Schreffer

Tinian Island

George I. Schreffer served as a corporal in the 393rd Bombardment Squadron. He was a member of the ground crew on the B-29 Jabit III.

Robert F. Christy

Los Alamos, NM

Robert F. Christy (1916-2012) was a Canadian-American theoretical physicist Christy’s doctoral advisor at the University of California, Berkeley was Robert Oppenheimer, but Christy’s initial involvement with the Manhattan Project came at the Metallurgical Lab at the University of Chicago.

Charles J. Libby

Los Alamos, NM