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Roy W. Greenlee

ChemistChicago, IL

Oak Ridge, TN
Manhattan Project VeteranScientist
A sketch of Chicago Pile-1, the first nuclear reactor in history

Roy Greenlee was a chemist at the University of Chicago Metallurgical Lab and at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. In Chicago, Greenlee worked on plutonium separation under Glenn Seaborg, specifically on calculating the half-life of Pu-240. After leaving Chicago for Oak Ridge in 1944, Greenlee contributed to the design for liquid thermal separation of U-235.

Greenlee left the Manhattan Project in November 1945 for a career in petroleum production with the Battelle Institute and Petrolite Corporation. He is a graduate of Ohio State University and a former secretary for the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Roy W. Greenlee's Timeline
1943 Dec Joined the Manhattan Project in Chicago under the direction of Glenn Seabord
1944 Left Chicago to work on the liquid thermal separation of U-235 in Oak Ridge, TN
1945 Nov Left the Manhattan Project

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