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Sheldon Holland Dike was born on October 23, 1916 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He attended the University of New Mexico. He was also a member of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.During the Manhattan Project, he primarily worked as an Aeronautical Engineer at Los Alamos. He was interested in radio and electronics.

Dike was an electrical engineer. He was as a scientific team member of Group E-7, Project Alberta, the project that transported the atomic bombs to Tinian Island. He was married to Margaret Dike, who also worked on the project at Los Alamos.

Sheldon Dike's Timeline
1916 Oct 23rd Born.
1984 Aug 2nd Passed away in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Silverplate B-29 Crew, Photo Courtesy of Keith Shields, Dike is standing in the center.

1941, University of New Mexico.


Atlantic City High School, 1934.

Return from Tinian, (Front).

Return from Tinian, (Back).

Aircraft Record Card.

Selective Service Registration Card (Front).

Selective Service Registration Card (Back).

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