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Walton A. Rodger

Chemical and Metallurgical EngineerChicago, IL

Oak Ridge, TN
EngineerManhattan Project VeteranProject Worker/Staff
A sketch of the Chicago Pile-1

Walton A. Rodger was an American chemical and metallurgical engineer.

Rodger received a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Illinois. After that, he worked as a research associate during the Manhattan Project, first at the Metallurgical Laboratory in Chicago and the at Oak Ridge.

After the war, Rodger pioneered nuclear waste storage techniques. He designed nuclear and industrial waste facilities for the Argonne National Laboratory and then served as associate director of chemical engineering at the lab.

Rodger left Argonne in the early 1960s and founded Nuclear Safety Associates. He received the Robert E. Wilson Award in nuclear engineering in 1981.

Rodger died on February 28, 1988 in West Valley, NY at the age of 69.

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