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Attended Pennsylvania State University.

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Irwin P. Sharpe

Manhattan, NY

Irwin P. Sharpe was born in 1921 and died just short of his 100th birthday in 2021. He was recruited for the Manhattan Project by his employer, General Electric, after he graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in engineering in 1942.

B. P. Fisher

Oak Ridge, TN

B. P. Fisher worked for the Comstock-Bryant Electric Company.

John J. Moran

Oak Ridge, TN

Major John J. Moran was assigned to the Manhattan Engineer District in Oak Ridge, TN from June 6, 1942 to January 12, 1946.

H. F. Gibbs

Oak Ridge, TN

H. F. Gibbs worked for the A. S. Schulman Electric Company.