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Using radiation sensors and a variety of safe radiation sources, students will build an understanding of alpha radiation and the inverse-square law as well as reinforcing important lab skills. Submitted by Andrew Angle.



  • Computer
  • Venire radiation sensor
  • LoggerPro
  • LabPro
  • Meter stick
  • Assortment of Radiation Sources
  • Vintage orange fiestaware
  • Coleman lantern mantel
  • Smoke detector
  • Granite stone



  • To develop an understanding of alpha radiation
  • To build conceptual understanding of the inverse-square Law
  • To understand the process of fitting data to a known equation



  • Measure background radiation.
  • Measure radiation from source at various distances using radiation sensor and LabPro.
  • Fit data to inverse-square function using LoggerPro.
  • Determine constant and compare with known value.