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Atoms for Peace

Grade Level:


Students evaluate the positive aspects of nuclear developments. Submitted by Luz Rebecca Sumingwa.



  • Computer Lab for the web lesson/research (one desktop per student)
  • Research Guide questions
  • Coloring/drawing materials, glue or paste, and scissors
  • Pictures/cut outs related to the topics (pictures of scientists, military officers, key persons in the MP; site photos, lab set–ups, the atomic bombs, etc…)
  • The Manhattan Project by Cynthia Kelly



In this lesson, students are expected to:

  • Gain insights/sufficient background on the Manhattan Project;
  • Integrate history (WWII) with scientific developments and discoveries
  • Internalize the role of the Manhattan Project in the birth of the “Atomic Age"




Day 1: Intro to the Manhattan Project

Students divide into 6 small groups and answer the following questions:

The What Group:

  1. What is the Manhattan Project all about?
  2. What is the main goal or objective of the project?
  3. What are the technologies needed/developed by this project?
  4. What were the countries that were involved in this project?
  5. Explain the role of each country in the project.

The When Group:

  1. When was the Manhattan Project began?
  2. What world event was it conceived?
  3. Describe the conditions of the whole political world that led to the establishment of the said project.
  4. What are were the researches /experiments being conducted by different physicists and chemists around the world during this critical times?

The Where Group:

  1. Where is the Manhattan Project situated?
  2. Describe all the places that served as sites for the project. What are the specific activities/researches that were held in each site of the project?

The Why Group:

  1. Why was the Manhattan Project created or conceptualized?
  2. What were the pressures that led to the birth of the project?
  3. Explain the timeliness/urgency of the project.

The Who Group:

  1. Who were those state/national leaders, scientists are involved in the Manhattan Project? Include the international leaders and the well known scientists ( chemists, physicists and biochemists) who were the key researchers in the making/discovery of atomic bombs.

The How Group:

  1. How did the Manhattan Project began?
  2. How did the Manhattan Project opened up to the birth of the “Atomic Age”?
  3. How did the Manhattan Project influence the advancement of science in the whole world after the WWII?

Reminder: Each group must download supporting pictures/photos of their topic for the group assessment


Day 2: Results and Presentations

Group share their reports based on the web searched topics. Teacher shows video clips presentations from DVD “A Sense of Place“. Each group is given 3-5 minutes to share their research.

Class Assessment: Each group from the 5Ws and H, will fill up the designated circle /spot in the prepared Poster paper with their main data/concepts or use pictures on their findings to make a class Poster or collage on the Manhattan Project before and after the WWII.