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Growing Up at Oak Ridge

Grade Level:


Students will read stories and listen to from children who grew up at the Oak Ridge nuclear plant.





  • Students will choose a story of what it was like to grow up at Oak Ridge as a child from the collection above and will be asked to discuss their reactions with the class.
  • Some important questions to ask may include:
    1. What was daily life like for children growing up at Oak Ridge? How was it different than other places in the United States at the time?
    2. Why was secrecy important? How did affect children's lives at Oak Ridge?
    3. What was rationing? How did rationing affect daily life?
    4. What was school like at Oak Ridge?
    5. What types of activities/entertainment was there for children at Oak Ridge
  • You may also have the students imagine that they are children living at Oak Ridge during World War II. Some questions to consider might include:
    1. Would you like growing up at Oak Ridge? Why or Why not?