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Living with the Bomb

Ivy Mike nuclear test


Students will research the bomb and design a poster-board that explores the geopolitical context of dropping the bomb as well as its tragic effects.



  • Trifold board
  • Internet access
  • Books for research



The teacher divides the class down into 4 groups. Each of these groups is commissioned with creating a trifold board to explore the atomic bomb in a more contemporary context. The left side of the board should be dedicated to the positive impacts of the bomb, the right side to the negative effects of the bomb. The center is dedicated to information about the assigned topic pertaining to the bomb.

Each of the four groups will be given a different theme upon which their projects will be based. These themes can be: environmental impact, international control, contemporary policy, and scientific innovation. Students will then present their board to the class in order to educate them on the atomic bomb in these various respects. The multi-dimensional aspect of their research will serve to balance the viewpoints presented and ensure that students are able to see different perspectives and form their own opinions about the atomic bomb.